Why is Towing Capacity Important in Balch Springs, TX? What is the Formula to Calculate & More

When choosing a model that works best for all your hauling needs, knowing your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity plays an important role in the process. Also, it will help you determine what you can haul with your vehicle. Since it can be dangerous to exceed the limit, you should always keep in mind the listed towing capacity. Today, we at KB Towing Service would like to discuss the flatbed towing benefits, capacity and more.

Flatbed or Rollback Tow Trucks

The flatbed tow truck AKA rollback tow truck is one of the more popularly used towing trucks. Since they are excellent for oversized items and large cargo that a standard ship container won’t carry, these trucks are an invaluable asset to many professionals. There are two types of trailers that are primarily used when it comes to towing. It is usually a flatbed trailer but is also available as an enclosed trailer. Flatbed trailer should be your ideal choice for transporting objects that may come in unconventional shapes, though an enclosed trailer can be used to transfer cargo that needs some protection such as livestock.

Why is a Flatbed Tow Truck Better?

1) There are not any spatial constrictions.
2) Accessibility.
3) Strapping down cargo is easier.

What is the Formula to Calculate Towing Capacity?

Determining the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle is quite simple. Simply look for the vehicle’s manufacturer weight rating and see how it compares to your cargo’s weight is all you have to do. In the owner’s manual, or on the company’s website you can find the manufacturer’s towing capacity on your driver side door jam. In general, you can expect the weight capacity to be somewhere around:
– A maximum load of 54,000 pounds is given with a 24-foot, three-axle truck.
– A maximum load of 66,000 pounds is provided with a 36-foot, four-axle truck.
– A maximum load of 80,000 pounds is offer by a 51-foot, five-axle truck.
– A maximum load of 80,000 pounds is available with 43-foot six-axle truck.
Depending on the transfer case, engine, axle spacing, and your vehicle’s health will dictate the weight it is able to haul. A flatbed truck should be an ideal choice for your towing needs, but especially for longer and heavier loads.

What is the Difference Between Towing Capacity & Payload?

As long as everything fixes in the bed or cab of your vehicle, they refer to the amount of weight that your truck can haul in total, including the cargo and passengers when particular manufacturer puts out the payload capacity for a vehicle. A payload capacity provides no information on the amount of weight towed or pulled behind the truck, unlike the towing capacity. Since they are effortless to load, professional drivers go for flatbed trucks for a particular and understandable reason. To force a non-standard load onto an enclosed truck can be real challenging. If your cargo has any extra height or width, the job will get even more complicated. A flatbed truck is the best solution.

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Ultimately, hiring a professional with flatbed towing among their services can be highly beneficial when you need a tow in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Call KB Towing Service today for your towing needs!

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