20 Foot Shipping Container Hauling

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How Do You Haul a 20′ Shipping Container?

In addition to our general towing services, we also specialize in 20’ Container Towing. This means that if you own a container, you can rely on us to handle its towing needs efficiently and effectively.
20′ container towing services specialize in transporting and towing shipping containers that are 20 feet in length. These services are essential for businesses and individuals involved in international trade, logistics, or moving goods via containers.

Can I Move a Shipping Container By Myself?

Towing a 20′ container requires specialized equipment and expertise due to their size, weight, and unique handling requirements. Professional towing companies offering container towing services have the necessary tools and resources to securely and safely transport these containers from one location to another.

How We Transport a 20 Foot Shipping Container

The process of towing a 20′ container typically involves using a specialized container chassis or a flatbed trailer designed specifically for container transportation. These trailers are equipped with twist locks or corner castings that secure and lock the container onto the trailer, ensuring it remains stable during transit. Skilled towing professionals are trained to handle the complexities of container towing, including loading and unloading the container from the trailer, ensuring proper weight distribution, and complying with legal requirements and safety regulations.

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Container towing services can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as transporting containers between ports, terminals, or warehouses, relocating personal belongings during a move, or delivering goods to customers. They provide a convenient and efficient solution for businesses and individuals who need to transport or store goods in shipping containers. If you require the towing of a 20′ container, relying on specialized container towing services like we offer at KB Towing Service ensures a smooth and secure transportation process, giving you peace of mind that your valuable cargo is in capable hands.

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