Towing FAQ Guide

When it comes to towing, people have their questions, especially since it is a service very seldom needed. Like with any service, many people want to know some of the specifics regarding the professional requirements in addition to procedures and other such details. At this time, we at KB Towing Service would like to take the opportunity to offer some answers to a handful of the most common of the frequently asked questions.

What Should I Ask a Towing Company?

Question: Is towing hard on a vehicle?
Answer: Since the vehicle is lifted and riding on 2 tires, it is using its own suspension, absorbing any bumps along the way, or completely set and secured on a flatbed, there is no added tear to your vehicle.
Question: After an accident, why do professionals encourage the vehicle be towed to the tow yard?
Answer: Not only can you avoid the unsightly mangled car outside your home, but when the car is towed to the yard, the tow is billed to the insurance company for the insurance to inspect the vehicle sooner than later, avoiding accrued charges.
Question: Are there multiple methods of towing?
Answer: There are a few methods of towing the most common include Flatbed Tow, Wheel- lift Tow, and Frame-lift Tow. There are additional methods that can be more accommodating to motorcycles and classic vehicles, as well as large automobiles.
Question: Is it required for a flatbed to tow an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle?
Answer: Though ideal, not necessarily, but there are other methods just as capable.
Question: Can automatic transmission vehicles be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?
Answer: With limited speed and distance, it is possible; however the situation should always be evaluated and the best and safest solution should be applied.
Question: How can the professionals remember all of the overwhelming number of makes and models available, and all of the different requirements needed to tow each vehicle?
Answer: A tow truck driver possesses the standard equipment to handle any vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe towing. In dealing with the various makes and models, experience produces efficiency. The professional can consult with the manufacturer to ensure proper protocols through request with unique or rare vehicles.
Question: Do tow truck drivers have to do any specialized training or skills?
Answer: Yes, tow truck drivers have requirements to become certified drivers after completing and successfully testing specific training programs. Once certified, tow truck drivers refresh their knowledge and are introduced to the newest and latest techniques and technology of tow truck vehicles and equipment with ongoing training and education courses.
Question: Are tow truck drivers required to obtain a specialized license through the DMV?
Answer: No, however, most reputable companies require their driver have clean driving record and current certifications.
Question: Can custom lowered vehicles be towed?
Answer: Absolutely, most can be towed with convention methods; otherwise special accommodations can be made.

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