Box Truck Towing

KB Towing Service is a trusted towing and roadside assistance provider serving the Dallas, TX community. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures your safety while on the road. Should you encounter a vehicle breakdown, you can rely on our prompt assistance to swiftly restore your mobility. Regardless of whether you own a truck or a car, we possess the necessary equipment to securely tow your vehicle to its intended location. In addition to our towing services, KB Towing is proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive roadside assistance solutions to cater to our customers’ needs. In addition to the general towing services we offer, KB Towing includes box truck towing.

What is Box Truck Towing?

Box truck towing services specialize in transporting and towing box trucks up to 16 feet in length. These towing services are essential for businesses and individuals who rely on box trucks for their transportation needs. Box trucks are commonly used for commercial purposes, such as delivering goods, moving equipment, or providing mobile services.

What Makes Flatbed Tow Trucks Better at Towing Box Trucks?

When it comes to box truck towing, it is crucial to have experienced professionals who understand the unique requirements and challenges involved. Box trucks can be heavy and bulky, requiring specialized equipment and techniques for safe and efficient towing. Skilled towing experts are trained to handle various situations, including breakdowns, accidents, or simply transporting a box truck from one location to another.

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Box truck towing services ensure that the vehicle is securely attached to the tow truck and transported without causing any further damage. We also offer additional services like roadside assistance, fuel delivery, and tire changes to provide comprehensive support to box truck owners. Whether you need emergency towing, scheduled transportation or roadside assistance for your box truck, relying on specialized box truck towing services from KB Towing Service guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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