Can a Tow Truck Pick Up a Motorcycle in Richardson, TX? How Do You Transport on a Flat Bed?

Motorcycles are becoming more popular. They make navigating through traffic faster and easier. The impact on the environment is less and they are much better on fuel. For those who are investing in a motorcycle, you need to be prepared for anything. Unlike a car, motorcycles do not come with a spare tire. They have limited space for tools as well as an emergency kit. A motorcycle can leave you very vulnerable when they break down. It is important to be prepared and have a towing service programmed into your cell and ready to be called when needed. Towing a motorcycle is not much different than towing a car. However there are some major considerations a towing company does to ensure they send out the right tow truck. KB Towing Service will share the different types of tow trucks and which one is best for motorcycles.

How Do You Transport a Motorcycle on a Flat Bed?

When your motorcycle is broken down and you contact a towing company to come to your aid, be sure an tell them you need a motorcycle towed. Towing a motorcycle is a bit different than towing a car. One of the better tow trucks for a motorcycle is a flatbed. Most towing companies will have a flatbed tow truck ready as they are the most universal. A flatbed tow truck can tow just about any car, truck, SUV and even motorcycles. A flatbed tow truck can easily load a motorcycle on the bed and strap it in upright and tightly in place. The motorcycle will not tip over and is safely towed away from traffic and other vehicles.

What is a Towing Cradle or Dolly?

The second best option for motorcycles is a towing cradle. Not all towing companies will have a towing cradle, but those that do will often send a towing cradle to pick up motorcycles. A towing cradle is basically a trailer that is hitched to the back of a tow truck. A towing cradle is designed just for motorcycles and as the name suggests, they cradle a motorcycle in a metal frame. When the motorcycle is loaded into the towing cradle it is strapped down and held upright. The motorcycle is up and off the road which helps improve the motorcycle’s safety.

Two-Wheel Trailer Towing

Two-wheel towing is a two wheeled trailer that is towed behind a truck. Out of all of the towing methods for a motorcycle, this is the least used method. Even though these trailers have a ramp and also work much like a cradle trailer, they are not designed specifically for motorcycles. They have multiples uses and where this sounds great, they do not secure the motorcycle at the same level.

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When you break down be sure to tell the operator that you need a motorcycle towed. They will know which type of tow truck or towing method to send. As each towing company varies on their equipment, it is important to know what to expect. For those who ride a motorcycle and find they need a towing service that provides and is experienced in towing motorcycles, contact KB Towing & Service today.

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