What is the Greatest Cause of Summer Car Breakdowns in Sunnyvale, TX? Overheating Vehicle & More

The warm summer months offer plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors; unfortunately, it also leaves time to put things off for another day, including keeping up with car maintenance. Car repairs can be expensive, but taking care of your vehicle and keeping up with your scheduled maintenance plans can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills and a lot of grief. The experts at KB Towing Service have provided the following list of the most common summer breakdown issues and how to avoid them.

Common Summer Car Breakdown Problems to Avoid

1. Check Engine Light: Your check engine light turns on to alert you of a problem. Some issues are easily fixed, while others require a trip to your local mechanic. Some of the most common occurrences for your check engine light to turn on include a faulty airflow sensor, problems with your spark plug and coils, or something as simple as a loose gas cap, to name a few. The experts at KB Towing Services recommend keeping on top of your regular maintenance schedule to keep your car operating at optimal performance levels. Following the recommended manufacturer guidelines will help minimize the risk of an engine breakdown.
2. Flat Tires: Flat tires are the leading cause of car breakdowns in summer. With more traffic on the road during summer, properly caring for your tires can help minimize blowout risk. Check your tire pressure monthly to ensure your tires are not flat. The manufacturer sticker can be found on the inside driver door for the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI). Don’t neglect your spare. Check the air and examine all five of your tire treads for damage. If you are the victim of a flat tire, pull over into the first safe place and turn on your hazard lights. Contact your KB Towing Services expert for professional air delivery and flat-tire change assistance.
3. Overheating Car: Pay attention to your temperature gauge for an engine overheating light. Telltale signs that your radiator is overheating include steam coming from the hood. If your vehicle is overheating, find a safe place to pull out of traffic and check fluid levels. Contact your KB Towing Services professional for fluid delivery or tow when needed.
4. Dead Car Battery: Dead batteries are expected during the winter, but many people don’t realize they can occur just as quickly during the soaring temperatures of summer. Heat is just as likely to place stress on your battery and affect fluids as cold. Ask your regular mechanic to check your battery, alternator, and starter to ensure they work correctly. Contact your KB Towing Services technician for a jump start or battery replacement.

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Other reasons that can cause car breakdowns include fluid leaks, alternator problems, worn shock absorbers, and damaged tires. If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a vehicle breakdown, your KB Towing Services experienced technician will help you get back on the road safely or tow your vehicle if necessary. To learn more about professional roadside assistance services, including auto lockouts, jump starts, battery replacements, flat tire change & air delivery, fluid and fuel delivery, and towing services in Greater Dallas, TX, contact the experts at KB Towing Service today.

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