Where to Wait for Tow Truck to Arrive when Car is Broken Down on the Side of the Road in Richardson, TX

While you are stranded on the side of the road after your vehicle breaks down, is one of the most stressful and dangerous situations that drivers can get into. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, as it is imperative to quickly pull over to a safe place on the side of the road and the panic of wanting to stop as soon as possible often causes drivers to pull over in an unsafe area when this emergency occurs. Today, we at KB Towing Service would like to take the opportunity to discuss the unsafe places to wait for your towing and recovery services to help you avoid them.

Don’t Stand Next to a Broken Down Vehicle

While you wait for roadside assistance, never stand in front of or behind your vehicle. This is a very risky, hazardous place to wait since other drivers may not see you, and has a high chance of colliding into you and your vehicle. Prior to your towing company arriving, we encourage either waiting inside your vehicle or walking far away from the road and waiting there.

Avoid Waiting on the Road when Your Car Breaks Down

When you notice that driving issues are happening, we strongly recommend pulling your vehicle as far away off the road as possible. Staying still on the road is incredibly dangerous, the goal is to get as far away as possible from oncoming traffic. Making it clear to other drivers that your car has broken down, be certain to put your hazard lights on no matter what. Pull off the road as other drivers may not notice and slam into you, and if possible, get into the emergency lane. Especially when cars break down suddenly, of course, certain roads are more difficult to pull off than others. We strongly recommend you try your absolute hardest to get off the road while you wait for roadside assistance.

After a Breakdown on a Highway, the Safest Place to Wait for Assistance is Always Inside Your Vehicle

How safe or dangerous it is to wait for roadside assistance is influenced from the type of road you break down. While the oncoming traffic is moving much quicker than other roads, if you break down on a highway then it can be more difficult to pull over, for instance. To wait for help, you should never get outside of your vehicle in these situations. Always wait for roadside assistance inside the vehicle in this situation when you get outside, you may feel unsafe breaking down in the middle of a highway but the risk of getting hit by a speeding vehicle is massive.

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