What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on a Road Trip Far from Home in Irving, TX; Call for Roadside Assistance!

As most motorists can vouch to, it is never a convenient time for your vehicle to become inoperable. When the vehicle ceases to operate it is typically at the wrong place and the wrong time; running late and in the middle of traffic for example. Being that this situation is fairly common, it is optimal to be prepared should this situation occur. Instead of burdening someone you know, or hoping a stranger will offer aid, enlist the services of a qualified professional to help you. Having a reputable roadside assistance service company help you out and getting on your way is well worth your time, effort, and cost to ensure you are safely taken care of. With this in mind, we at KB Towing Service would like to share a few tips for having roadside assistance.

What to Do if Car Breaks Down at Night or in the Middle of Nowhere etc

1) Get safely out of traffic. Get your vehicle out of traffic, if, and only if, you are capable and able to do it safely. It is best to choose a straight path to get out of traffic because the curves and corners only make the vehicle more of a challenge to maneuver out of the way. Safely and within traffic laws get out of the way by coasting if necessary, to get the vehicle parked safely if the engine has cut out. Your goal is to get the car out and as far from traffic as possible. You can request law enforcement assistance to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic if it should happen during rush hour as well.
2) Make your vehicle visible. To avoid collisions when your vehicle is safely out of traffic, or in traffic if safety conditions keeps you there, you want to ensure that commuters can see your vehicle. No matter what time of day or night it is, flip the hazard lights on, lift the hood up so drivers see the issue at hand. Flip on headlights and even interior lights to increase your visibility to other motorists on the road. Additionally, if you have flares in your emergency kit or hazard triangles, use them to make your predicament clearer to onlookers.
3) Call professional roadside assistance. Call professional roadside assistance for help after you are as safe as possible and boosted your visibility. The tow service can get your vehicle home or to your mechanic’s garage, in the event the problem is too complex for roadside assistance, the professionals can provide a limited amount of services in an effort to get your vehicle back in operation on the side of the road. KB Towing Service can provide fuel delivery, tire changes, a jump start, and lock out services for example.
4) Stay in or close by your car. After you have completed the steps above, there is not much left to do but wait for help to arrive. It is important you stay in your vehicle or close to it so the professionals can find you easier and help you more efficiently. Stay in the safety of your vehicle with the seat-belt fastened if there is nowhere safe but staying behind the barrier is recommended.

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