What is the Main Cause of Car Overheating in Farmers Branch, TX? Is it OK to Drive?

State-of-the-art systems and sensors are equipped in modern vehicles. Auto overheating is still a persistent issue, and most car owners often do not know how to deal with it though automated designs have taken car technology to a whole new level. An overheating vehicle is an important issue, no matter if it is due to the outside temperature or some internal problem. As a responsible car owner, keeping your engine at an ambient temperature should be your top priority. Keeping your engine at an ambient temperature should be your top priority as a responsible car owner. Something might be wrong with the fan, thermostat, radiator, water pump, coolant, and hoses. The next time you notice steam coming out of your engine or the needle of your car’s temperature gauge rising, we at KB Towing Service would like to share some tips.

Which Setting is Best for Car Heater?

Turning on your vehicle’s heater is one of the first things you should do, though it may sound counterintuitive. It draws heat from the engine and toward the passenger seats this way. This reduces the pressure on the cooling system of the engine. Turning the heat up may even be enough to control the overheating in some cases. If the light goes off and the needle returns to its normal temperature, your engine has cooled down, so keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

Pull Over to the Side of the Road

You should pull over. Kill the engine and wait for it to cool down if the car continues to overheat despite turning on the heater. Additionally, this is also a good time to seek help. To help you take your car to the nearest service station, you can call a 24-hour towing service such as KB Towing Service.

Allow Car Engine to Cool Down

The best thing you can do is wait if you are in a situation calling for help is undoable. Allow the engine around 15 minutes to cool down. Since it may be a safety hazard do not try to open the engine before this time. It is a huge safety risk opening the hood while the engine is hot. Before you pop the hood open and take a look at the engine, it is best to wait for a good 15 minutes.

Add Coolant

You should open the hood of your car after you have waited for about fifteen minutes. Try to find the radiator cap after putting on some gloves. Slowly open the cap with a towel and add coolant. Stop adding the coolant once it reaches the full line. Head back to the car and try to start it next. Your engine is back at the normal temperature if the warning light goes off, fortunately. As soon as possible, you should drive with caution and get your vehicle’s engine checked by a professional.

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