What is the Difference Between Towing & Light or Heavy Duty Recovery Tows in Rockwall, TX?

We have all seen it, a tow truck hauling off some poor unfortunate soul that has found themselves stranded or unable to drive their vehicle for one reason or another. It isn’t the ideal situation for any driver to find themselves in need of a tow truck. However, it can happen to anyone. Today, we don’t want to talk about those simple towing experienced though. We are going to dig a little deeper into what recovery towing looks like. KB Towing Service is here to talk about what recovery towing looks like and the tow different kinds of recovery towing there is.

When You Need Recovery Towing

If you have a flat tire or your car won’t run anymore for some reason, you might be in need of a tow truck. However, if the vehicle is far off of the road because of some severe weather or a serious accident that sent the vehicle rolling off the road, it will be in need of recovery towing, which is different. Recovery towing can also be needed for large trucks and buses because of the sheer size of the vehicles. Anytime you find that your vehicle is stuck clear off the road, you will be in need of recovery towing. There are two different types of recovery towing.
– Light Vehicle Recovery: If you are driving a normal sized vehicle, and you find that you are clear off of the road for some reason or another, you will need something a little more than towing services. You will need recovery towing services. This includes vehicles that might even be stuck in a ditch for one reason or another. Some situations that might include light vehicle recovery are a result of a tire puncture, broken down engine, terrain blocks, accidents, or even dangerous road conditions that caused you to slide clear off the road.
– Heavy-Duty Recovery: The biggest difference between light vehicle recovery and heavy-duty recovery is the weight and size of the vehicle. When you’re dealing with the best towing companies, they will have the resources needed to even help those that are in need of heavy-duty recovery services. This would include semi-trucks, RVs, buses, and even tractors. All of those heavier vehicles are going to require heavier equipment to get them out of the situation they have found themselves in. Any commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, fleet trucks, or heavy machinery is going to require a lot more than a standard tow truck to deliver the help that they need.

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If you have found yourself in need of recovery services for one reason or another, you can turn to KB Towing Service to help you get your vehicle out and back on the road in no time. We have the equipment as well as the training needed to take care of your vehicle recovery needs any time of the night or day. We are available 24/7 for our towing and recovery services. Call us today!

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