How Do I Prepare My Car, Truck, Van, SUV or Other Vehicle for Towing in Dallas, TX?

Wheel lift towing is a reliable method to transport your vehicle when it’s inoperable or unsafe to drive. To ensure a smooth and secure towing process, it’s crucial for vehicle owners to take certain precautions and prepare their vehicles adequately. Here’s a comprehensive guide, that we at KB Towing Service would like to share, on how to safely prepare your vehicle for wheel lift towing.

How Do I Get My Car Ready for Towing?

1) Secure Personal Belongings: Before the tow truck arrives, take a moment to remove any valuable items from your vehicle. This includes personal belongings, important documents, electronic devices, and anything else of value. Securing your possessions ensures that nothing gets damaged or lost during the towing process.
2) Document Your Vehicle’s Condition: To avoid disputes later on, document the current condition of your vehicle. Take photographs from various angles, highlighting any existing damages or scratches. This documentation can serve as valuable evidence in case of any discrepancies regarding the condition of your vehicle before the tow.
3) Communicate with Tow Truck Operator: When the tow truck arrives, communicate openly with the operator. Provide them with any specific instructions or information about your vehicle that might be relevant to the towing process. This includes whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, as it can impact how the wheel lift is positioned.
4) Ensure Vehicle is in Neutral: For vehicles with automatic transmissions, ensure that the gear shift is in the “neutral” position. For manual transmissions, place the gear shift in neutral and release the parking brake. This allows the tow truck operator to easily maneuver and load your vehicle onto the wheel lift without resistance.
5) Disable Alarm System: If your vehicle has an active alarm system, disable it before the towing process begins. This prevents any unnecessary stress or confusion caused by the alarm going off during the tow. Consult your vehicle’s manual to learn how to disable the alarm properly.
6) Check Tire Pressure: Inspect your vehicle’s tires and ensure they are properly inflated. Adequate tire pressure helps in the smooth loading and towing of your vehicle. If any of the tires are visibly flat or damaged, inform the tow truck operator so they can take necessary precautions.
7) Release Emergency Brake: Before the tow truck attempts to load your vehicle onto the wheel lift, release the emergency brake. This step is crucial for allowing the tow truck operator to easily move your vehicle into the correct position.

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By following these steps, you contribute to a safer and more efficient wheel lift towing experience for both you and the tow truck operator. Taking the time to prepare your vehicle in advance ensures a smoother process and minimizes the risk of complications during transport. If you are in need of towing services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, contact KB Towing Service and let us assist you.

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