Distracted Driving & Other Causes of Car Road Accidents Requiring Towing Services in Dallas, TX

When it comes to driving on the roads most people want to avoid an accident at all costs. That does not mean that we all make the best decisions about our driving ability and those around us. That is why there are traffic accidents every single day. The driver of a vehicle that has been in an accident goes through a range of emotions. First is you hope that all parties involved are safe then you might be upset about the situation. It is called an accident for a reason because no one wants to be involved in one but that does not mean that someone is not to blame. The accident often requires the car to be towed away to get to a garage to have repairs done to make it drivable.

KB Towing Lists the Most Common Reasons a Car is in an Accident

Distracted Driving: When it comes to the top reason for accidents, distracted driving comes in first. This is not a top reason if you go back about ten years but with all the advancements it has quickly scaled to the top. There are drivers that are checking their cell phones, eating food and not paying attention to their own travel path. Most cars also have a GPS system that is great when you need help navigating your destination but it can actually act as a distraction as well. With all these distractions just about any age driver can be distracted enough to cause an accident. Just taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds is enough to drift off the side of the road or hit another vehicle.
DUI & Impaired Drivers: Another common way to be involved in an accident is by a driver that has been impaired. Many people assume that impaired simply means they have been drinking alcohol but that is really only one way. An impaired driver can be anyone that has taken medication that has an effect on your thoughts or abilities. It can be a medical condition that has reared up and caused you to not have full function of your body. These are all ways that a driver may be impaired and the problem is that you may not notice a problem until it is too late.
Excessive Driving Speed: When you go to get your drivers license there is study material that you use to prepare for a written test as well as a driving skills test. During this time you learn all the laws regarding driving and what you are expected to do when you are behind the wheel. With that all said most of use are guilty of breaking these rules. If you have ever not completely stopped at a stop sign or went a few miles over the speed limit you are in the same category. Although some minor infractions don’t often cause an accident when someone chooses to drive faster than the rest of the traffic it can. The fast moving car is hard to gauge how fast he is coming and you may feel that there is time to change lanes causing an accident.

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