Why Do You Need Towing in the Summer in Murphy, TX? Overheating Engine, Car Accidents & More

Summer is the season of road trips, beach outings, and long drives through scenic routes. However, the increased mileage and heat can lead to a higher frequency of vehicle breakdowns. Understanding the most common reasons for needing a tow truck during the summer can help drivers prepare and possibly prevent these incidents. In this blog post, the experts from KB Towing Service will explore some of the top reasons why drivers might find themselves calling for a tow truck in the warmer months.

Overheating Engines

One of the most frequent issues drivers face in the summer is an overheating engine. High temperatures put extra stress on the cooling system, and if it’s not in perfect condition, it might fail to keep the engine at an optimal temperature. Low coolant levels, radiator leaks, or a broken thermostat can all contribute to this problem. Regular maintenance checks, including ensuring the coolant system is functioning properly, can help prevent an overheating engine. However, if the engine does overheat, a tow truck is often necessary to transport the vehicle to a mechanic safely.

Flat Tires & Blowouts

The summer heat can also wreak havoc on tires. Hot pavement can cause the air inside the tires to expand, increasing the risk of a blowout, especially if the tires are worn or under-inflated. Additionally, many people embark on long road trips during the summer, which can lead to more wear and tear on tires. Carrying a spare tire and knowing how to change it is helpful, but in cases where multiple tires are damaged or the necessary tools aren’t available, a tow truck becomes essential.

Car Battery Failure

While battery problems are more commonly associated with winter, summer can also take a toll on a vehicle’s battery. High temperatures can cause the battery fluid to evaporate, leading to internal damage and reduced battery life. If a car won’t start due to a dead battery, and there’s no one around to provide a jump start, a tow truck may be the only solution to get the vehicle to a safe location or repair shop.

Car Accidents & Collisions

Running Out of Fuel

Long road trips can sometimes lead drivers to miscalculate their fuel needs, especially in rural or less-populated areas where gas stations are sparse. Running out of fuel is a surprisingly common reason for needing a tow truck. Although some towing services offer fuel delivery, in more severe cases, a tow to the nearest gas station might be necessary.

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Summer driving can be enjoyable and liberating, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Understanding the most common reasons for needing a tow truck can help drivers take preventative measures and be better prepared. Regular vehicle maintenance, being mindful of tire pressure, checking the coolant system, and keeping an eye on fuel levels are all proactive steps that can reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. However, should the need arise, knowing that tow services are available can provide peace of mind and ensure that any roadside mishaps are handled swiftly and safely. At KB Towing Service, our highly-trained staff are here to give you the support and service needed. Next time you are in need of a tow, call the experts from KB Towing & Service as soon as possible so we can get you back on the road where you belong.

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